MedBiquitous Community Connection Roundtables: Curriculum Management

Join us for the first series in our MedBiquitous Community Connection Roundtables. These roundtables are designed for the health professions education and credentialing community at large to come and discuss issues related to their day-to-day work. The Director of MedBiquitous, Johmarx Patton, will facilitate the discussions and glean insights on how technology might impact the work.

Whether you are a teaching faculty on the front lines with our learners and patients, a developer at a software company providing simulation technology for nurses, a staff member managing curriculum data, or a director at a regulatory agency developing credentialing protocols, we want to hear from YOU!

For the first set of roundtables, we will be discussing Curriculum Management. Are you documenting with pen and paper what you teach and where? Or are you using spreadsheets or special software? Come share your current practices and learn what your peers are doing to meet their curriculum management goals. Examples discussed will include the AAMC Curriculum Inventory for undergraduate physician education in the United States, and the SIMUportfolio project from Czechia.

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