Meet the MedBiquitous Team: Jeff Kaminski

I’m excited to introduce Jeff Kaminski to the MedBiquitous community. Jeff is the Operations Specialist working on all aspects of the MedBiquitous program.

Jeff’s professional background is rooted in designing and implementing behavior strategies for public school classrooms that support students with exceptional needs. Over the years, his professional path expanded into higher education environments where he served in communications and project administration roles. Recently, he joined the AAMC as a Medical Education Operations Specialist. In this role, he supports the MedBiquitous program and our vision to invigorate community participation and engage stakeholders in the development and promotion of interoperability and data portability technologies for health professions education.

In his comprehensive approach to the educational process, Jeff believes wellness practices and self-advocacy play complementary and integral roles. Outside the AAMC, Jeff is a certified yoga therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. His spectrum of clientele includes those experiencing generalized anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, mild cognitive disorders, and survivors of stroke and cancer. Recent collaborations include workshops adapting yoga for families with adolescents and teens with special needs, providing educators the tools to support students with anxiety, and a pilot wellness program to support DC residents re-entering the work force following incarceration or addiction treatment programs.

Jeff’s cumulative educational, clinical, communications, and project administration experiences honed a keen interest in supporting the goals of both faculty and students navigating the education landscape. As MedBiquitous continues its transition to the AAMC, Jeff looks forward to meeting and collaborating with the community and is committed to the shared purpose and continued excellence of the program. Please come out and meet Jeff at Learn Serve Lead 2019 in Phoenix and at the MedBiquitous annual conference in spring 2020. (Photo included on LinkedIn article).