The MedBiquitous ThinkTank

The MedBiquitous Program recently launched its virtual community, MedBiquitous ThinkTank. This community space is for health professions educators and technology innovators to actively engage in the dialogue and consensus-driven process related to developing data standards for health professions education, competence assessment, and quality improvement. Aligned with the current offering of our themed webinar series, we hope this is also a valuable space to continue the conversation around presented content.

As valued members of this community we invite you to join the conversation – contribute your ideas and insights, pose questions, share resources, and grow your professional network. Your voice is integral to the vision and roadmap ahead for MedBiquitous!

Please email the below details to to request addition to the virtual community. IMPORTANT: Without all information we will be unable to grant access.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Professional title
  • Institution name
  • Institution street address

Please note: This is a trial membership to the virtual community that will expire June 2021. To secure an enduring membership to the MedBiquitous ThinkTank, explore becoming an official participant of the MedBiquitous Program.