The Road to MedBiquitous 2020: December Update

With planning for MedBiquitous 2020 underway, I wanted to provide a brief update on where we are.

Currently, the call for proposals to the conference is open and will close on January 7, 2020. For more information, please check out MedBiquitous 2020.

I am happy to announce the keynote plenary speaker for MedBiquitous 2020 will be Marc Triola. Dr. Triola is the associate dean for educational informatics and an associate professor of medicine at NYU Langone Health. He is the founding director of the Institute for Innovations in Medical Education, a multidisciplinary team of faculty educators, education scientists, and informaticians. IIME combines advances in education strategies with new informatics solutions to connect the three missions of NYU Langone - patient care, research, and education - resulting in a research and innovation initiative that is translational, empowers transformational change in education programs, and benefits patients. Dr. Triola’s research focuses on the revolution at the intersection of health care and medical education driven by cognitive computing, big data, and advanced analytics. He has worked to create a continuously learning medical education system that includes new ways of integrating clinical data into educational research.

Marc and I have discussed presenting a look at the future of data exchange and educational technology, which promises to be very interesting. You won’t want to miss it.

Finally, for the community at large, we will be presenting our 3-year roadmap for MedBiquitous at the conference. The shared vision for the future will be on display at the poster session and highlights will be mentioned during the plenary sessions. If you are interested in previews, connect with me on Twitter @JohmarxMD. I will share some breadcrumbs there as we make our journey towards June 8-9.