Wide World of Standards: T3 Innovation Network

We are starting a new recurring article here on the blog, Wide World of Standards. In these short summaries, I will talk about an effort going on in the standards world and highlight its implications for health professions education. This month I will talk about the T3 Innovation Network, an initiative funded by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

From their website:

Through the T3 Innovation Network™ organizations across the talent marketplace are working together to build an open, public-private data and technology infrastructure for a more equitable future. This network is exploring emerging technologies and data standards to better align education, workforce, and credentialing data with the needs of the new economy.

The T3 Network will:

  • Define what a competency-based lifelong learner record should be so that all learning counts, no matter where it takes place.
  • Modernize technology and advance data standards to achieve seamless sharing of data throughout a person’s education and career pathway.
  • Empower individuals with a validated record of their skills and competencies in a way that all employers can understand.

I am currently participating in the meetings of the Network to represent the voice of MedBiquitous and the health professions education community, broadly. While Phase 1 of the effort has concluded, Phase 2 offers several pilot projects which are aligned with existing MedBiquitous efforts or future direction. Of interest to me right now are efforts to map and harmonize data standards at the intersection of education and workforce and talent management.

Participation in this network has three primary implications for health professions education:

  • The needs of the healthcare workforce will be represented as the existing standards are harmonized and new standards are developed
  • We can anticipate global changes that will occur in workforce data exchange and inform our institutions for planning purposes
  • Voice concerns related to privacy and security of learner data while maintaining appropriate access for sensitive data that may have implications for patient care and patient data

If you have comments or questions that you would like me to raise as I participate in the network, please get in touch with me.

For more information, please check out https://www.uschamberfoundation.org/t3-innovation