Call for Abstracts

Join colleagues from around the world in examining how digital technologies can promote continuous improvement and better outcomes across the continuum of health professions education. The MedBiquitous Annual Conference offers world class keynote presenters and an opportunity to meet with leaders in this field. The theme for the 2018 conference is Technology-Enabled Continuing Professional Development. The MedBiquitous Executive Committee is seeking high-quality abstracts for panel presentations, speedy standards stories, and innovation demonstrations for the MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2018. We are seeking abstracts related to the following topics as they relate to the health professions:

  • Portfolios and other technology to support remediation and learner feedback
  • Mobile learning, assessment, and improvement
  • Virtual patients and simulation
  • Educational technology research
  • Analytics for connecting learning, performance, and patient outcomes
  • Data and content interchange
  • MedBiquitous standards implementation
  • Solutions for continuous improvement in health professions education and professional development processes

Abstracts are due Jan 5.

Please note that presenters are required to register for the conference by April 6.

Panel Presentation

A 15-minute presentation to be grouped with other presentations on the same or similar topic. A question and answer period will follow. 

Speedy Standards Story

A 5-minute, 5-slide plenary presentation describing a standards implementation, the best practices used in the implementation, and measurable impacts of the implementation. Speedy Standards Stories will be presented together during a fast-paced plenary session. Following the plenary presenters will participate in a one-hour discussion session with participants, where participants circulate among the 10 presenters. This format is intended to provide an opportunity for direct interaction between attendees and presenters. As a consideration to fellow presenters, please refrain from using external speaker systems.

Innovation Demonstration

A 15-minute session demonstrating innovative technologies for health professions education, assessment, and improvement, including those that implement MedBiquitous and other learning technology standards. Each session will include a 10-minute demonstration and a 5-minute question and answer period. The demonstration will be given to small groups of attendees 6 times over a 90-minute period as attendees circulate among the demonstrations of greatest interest to them. After a 20-minute break, demonstrators will participate in a "Meet the Professors" session, where demonstrators are grouped together for informal discussion with meeting participants. This format is intended to provide an opportunity for direct interaction between attendees and technology developers. As a consideration to fellow presenters, please refrain from using external speaker systems.

Review Criteria

Abstract reviewers will be seeking abstracts that demonstrate:

  • New and innovative use of technology in medical/healthcare education. Innovation may be technical, pedagogical, or both.
  • Useful and novel implementation of technology standards related to the conference themes.
  • A significant impact, realized or potential, pedagogical or technical, on the use of technology in medical/healthcare education

We encourage presenters to present data on their findings whenever possible and to include perspective on the implications for educational practice and infrastructure.

Please note that abstracts are limited to 250 words.

Abstract Submission

You may submit your abstract by visiting the Ex Ordo abstract submission system (you will be required to setup an account first).

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