Three committees work with the Executive Director to establish and achieve the Consortium's strategic direction.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee evaluates project proposals submitted by MedBiquitous members and selects the projects to be undertaken by MedBiquitous. In addition to this strategic assistance, the Executive Committee provides other support as the Executive Director deems necessary and appropriate. The Executive Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors. Committee members may or may not be consortium members.

Technical Steering Committee

The Technical Steering Committee provides strategic technical direction for the MedBiquitous Consortium. The Technical Steering Committee includes the Technical Steering Committee Chair, the Visiting Technology Architects, and other individuals appointed by the Executive Director. The Technical Steering Committee collaborates via private online workspace.

Standards Committee

The MedBiquitous Standards Committee guides standards proposals through the process of creating official ANSI standards for healthcare education and competence assessment. The Standards Committee votes on the approval of all MedBiquitous/American National Standards and serves as the consensus body for MedBiquitous. Participation is open to any materially affected party. To learn more, read about the Standards Committee Application.