Pearl session: Do or do not: Activity in Health Education Technology

Rachel Ellaway, Ph.D.
Northern Ontario School of Medicine

As health professional educators we tend to be concerned with outcomes, competence and expertise and the business of running complex educational programs. In all of this there is often little regard given to what learners and teachers actually do. Similarly, technologists supporting health professional education typically focuses on data, architecture and infrastructure with limited engagement with teaching and learning as activities. Although designing things for people to do is an essential part of what both teachers and technologists do, do we recognize the essential role that activity has in the work of the MedBiquitous community? I have a number of questions I invite the audience to explore with me:

  1. What aspects of your work involve designing or supporting activities?
  2. What are the main challenges in working with activity and technology?
  3. What role should activity design play in standards development?