Aggregating Student Electronic Portfolio Data to Inform Competency-Based Progression

May 19, 2014 10:55am - 12:25pm

Anderson  Spickard, MD, MS
Vanderbilt School of Medicine

The Vanderbilt School of Medicine has embarked on a competency-based healthcare learning system for students. One expression of this learning system is the promotion of students based on competency demonstration not only grades. A key component to support this endeavor is a state of the art student portfolio. We will demonstrate VSTAR Portfolio, an interactive, adaptable, student portfolio supporting reflective writing (used in learning communities, basic science courses, and clerkships), narrative medicine (continuity clinics, and clerkships), weekly clinic logs, storage of student artifacts (presentations, manuscripts, reports), competency–based self – assessment and assessment by advisors (called milestone assessments), personalized learning plans (PLPs), and student-generated learning goals with feedback and monitoring by the faculty member designated as the student’s portfolio coach. Real-time aggregation of individual’s and class-wide data inform the process of promoting students on the bases of numerous objective measures captured by and discerned within one’s portfolio. The rich database generated provides ample opportunities to explore a number of research inquiries, such as the congruence of student’s self-assessment with the assessment by one’s mentor and the usefulness of learning objective dashboards to help students stay on track with personal goals and the timelines expressed to meet these goals.