A Digital, Mobile Platform to Train Surgeons and Prevent Medical Error

May 19, 2014 10:55am - 12:25pm

Michael Edwards, FRCS, MD1, Craig Silverman, BS2
1Professional Masterscripts, 2Spundge

Starting in 2014, British surgeons and trainee surgeons are using a web-based and mobile platform to enhance learning, and help reduce medical error. The offering is a partnership between technology startup Spundge and Professional Masterscripts, a U.K. company led by a retired surgeon and that has the backing of the Association of Surgeons in Training. A group of qualified surgeons use the Spundge platform to write surgical scripts (also known as checklists), and to edit and peer review material. Approved scripts are organized into relevant Spundge “Notebooks,” based on the Bupa Schedule of Procedures. Masterscripts customers are notified by email of the publication of new script(s) and can instantly access them on any device. They can save and archive specific scripts to their personal Notebooks for future use, building their own library. Creating and organizing scripts on a digital platform results in the world’s largest repository of surgical scripts. Scripts enable surgeons to keep their skills sharp, learn new procedures, and avoid error. Given that new EU rules limit the amount of time trainees can spend in the operating theatre, scripts also help trainees learn in an efficient, compliant way. The presenters will demo Masterscripts, and share feedback and data gathered during the first months of operation.