Adopting the Experience API to work with the Virtual Patient Standard - how, what and why?

May 20, 2014 9:45 - 11:15am

Matt Simon Cownie, Physics, Jonathan Wright, Computer Science 
University of the West of England

The eXperience Application Programming Interface (XAPI) is a new specification that allows learning content to link with learning systems to track and share all types of learning experiences. Learning activities can be tracked using combinations of a limited vocabulary of activities, verbs and subjects. While the specification provides a default profile of activities and verbs it allows for communities of practice to develop custom profiles of their own agreed activities and verbs. This presentation will have 3 parts. Firstly it will demonstrate how to use the experience API to capture the stream of activities a learner generates while playing a Virtual Patient (VP). It will show technical examples that map VP concepts onto XAPI calls that can be used to populate a Learning Record System (LRS) with VP related learner data. Secondly it will review what this data looks like in an LRS and examples of querying it for meaning. It will outline what verbs and activities might be contained in a Virtual Patient specific profile and what use cases these could meet. Lastly it will outline why the virtual patient community might want to adopt the experience API and ask whether a specific community profile is necessary. Influences for consideration include the “Internet of Things”, mobile learning, data-mining, combining virtual patients with other simulation activities, capturing the complete educational context of a learners VP experience and reporting into competency frameworks.