2nd International Conference on Virtual Patients & MedBiquitous Annual Conference

April 26-28, 2010
County Hall
London, United Kingdom

Monday April 26, 2010


Preconference Workshops

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MedBiquitous Orientation

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Riverside 1

Peter Greene1; Chara Balasubramaniam2
1MedBiquitous, United States; 2MedBiquitous Europe, United Kingdom


Web 2.0 and Social Media, Managing the Threats and Making the Most of the Opportunities

Riverside 3

David Davies1; JB McGee2
1University of Warwick, United Kingdom; 2University of Pittsburgh, United States


Secrets of Creating and Maintaining Virtual Patient Case Collections

Riverside 5

Norm Berman1; Martin Fischer2
1Institute for Innovative Technology In Medical Education, United States; 2University Witten-Herdecke, Germany

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Registration and morning refreshments


Plenary session and keynote



Sean Hilton, MD,
St George's University of London, United Kingdom



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Chara Balasubramaniam 
MedBiquitous Europe, United Kingdom


Curriculum Transformation

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Terry Poulton, Ph.D.,
St George's, University of London, United Kingdom


MedBiquitous: Building Frameworks for Collaboration

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Peter Greene, MD, Executive Director,
MedBiquitous, United States


Daring to Step into the Intersection - The Future for E-learning

University of Dundee, United Kingdom




KEYNOTE: Open Educational Resources

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Megan Quentin-Baxter
Director, Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine




Unconferences and Panel Session


Driving Global Innovation Through International Collaboration

Moderated by Gabrielle Campbell, MBA1; Sören Huwendiek, MD2
1Association of American Medical Colleges, United States; 2University Children’s Hospital Heidelberg, Germany


Social Networking in Health Education

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Moderated by David Davies, Ph.D.1; James B McGee2
1University of Warwick, United Kingdom; 2University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, United States


Technical Innovations in Virtual Patients


Towards The Development Of A Gold Standard For Authoring And Sustaining Virtual Patients In Multi-campus Clinical Education Environments

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Daphne Vassiliou; Arnrup Katarina; Olle Broström; Marie Evans; Mini Ruiz; Kristina Hagwall; Peter Henriksson; Nabil Zary
Karolinska Institutet, Sweden


Standardized And Extensible Javascript-API For Logging Functionality For The MVP Player

Download presentation (4.8 MB)

Jörn Heid; Hess Frank; Huber Simone; Martin Haag
University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany


Dungeons & Dragons Taught Me How To Make Better Virtual Patients: Randomizing Physiological Data To Rapidly Produce Clinically Realistic VPs

Download presentation (pptx, 832 KB)

Mike Paget; Janet Tworek; Kevin McLaughlin; Bruce Wright
University of Calgary, Canada


Enhancing Clinical Reasoning Using Probabilistically Generated Virtual Patient Cases

Download presentation (PPT, 930 KB)

Jeroen Donkers; Bep Boode; Daniëlle Verstegen; Bas de Leng; Jean van Berlo
Maastricht University, Netherlands


HSVO: A Functional XML Specification For Integrating Simulation Devices

Rachel H Ellaway1; David Topps1; Jordan MacDonald1; Bryan Copeland3; Adriana Olmos2; Bruce Spencer3
1Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Canada;  2McGill University, Canada;  3National Research Centre Canada (IIT), Canada




Innovation Demonstrations


Pivote: An Open Platform for Virtual Patients in Virtual Worlds

David Burden
Daden Limited, United Kingdom


A Mixed Reality Virtual Patient Breast Simulator With An Innovative Feedback System Improves Communication And Breast Examination Skills

Aaron Kotranza B.S.2; Benjamin Lok Ph.D.2; Kyle Johnsen Ph.D.3; Jennifer Irons Carrick B.S.1; Candelario Laserna M.D.1; Brenda Rosson B.S.N.1; Mary Anne Park M.S.N.1; D. Scott Lind M.D.1
1Medical College of Georgia, United States;  2University of Florida - Gainesville, United States;  3University of Georgia - Athens, United States


Programmable Patients: Simulation Of Consultation Skills In A Virtual Environment

Luke Bracegirdle; Stephen Chapman
Keele University, United Kingdom


Simodont, A Haptic Dental Training Simulator Combined With Courseware

Pepijn Koopman; Marjoke Vervoorn; Paul Wesselink
Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam, Netherlands


Open Source Competency-based Repositories In Action: An American Society For Clinical Pathology And University Of Virginia Partnership

John Voss1; Chitra Subramaniam2; Ye Chen1; Bonnie Jerome-D'Emilia3; Michael Feldman2; Vladimir Goodkovsky1; John Jackson1
1University of Virginia, United States;  2American Society of Clinical Pathology, United States;  3Rutgers University, United States


Virtual Patients In Virtual Worlds

Emily Conradi; Luke Woodham; Sheetal Kavia; Terry Poulton
St George's University of London, United Kingdom


Virtual Physical Exam

Ali Hussam1; Shawn Thomas Foley2
1University of Missouri, United States;  2Cerner Corporation, United States


vpSim - A Virtual Patient Simulation Web Service

James B McGee; Peter M Kant
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, United States


Using Electronic Virtual Patients And Collaborative Groups For Problem Based Learning

Susan S. Albright; Ralph Aarons
Tufts University, United States


Virtual Patients: Situated Learning For Pre-clinical Year 1 Students

Sunhea Choi; Alexandra Webb; Elizabeth Ault; Jean-Remy Doboc
University of Southampton, United Kingdom


Reception and Awards CEREMONY

Wednesday April 28, 2010


Parallel Sessions


Web 2.0 and Social Networking for Health Education


Workflow Modeling Simulation In Second Life: A Case Study

Download presentation (pdf, 398 KB)

Juliana J Brixey; Judith J Warren
University of Kansas School of Nursing, United States


Educational Content Organization and Retrieval Via A Social Network

Download presentation (pdf, 1.7 MB)

Eleni Kaldoudi1; Nikolas Dovrolis1; Stathis Konstantinidis2; Panagiotis Bamidis2
1Democritus University of Thrace, Greece;  2Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


The Role Of Social Networking in the eViP Programme

Sian Claire Owen
The University of Warwick Medical School, Coventry, United Kingdom


Using Web 2.0 In Cultural Immersive Health Education

Download presentation (pdf, 13.6 MB)

Hung The Nguyen
Northern Territory General Practice Education, Australia


Verse: Workflows For Simulation And Virtual World Telemetry And Control

Rachel H Ellaway; David Topps; Craig Symington; Roger Sanche
Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Canada



The Business of E‑learning


Osteopathic Continuous Certification Process Is Simplified By MedBiquitous Standards

Annette Van Veen Gippe1; Andrew Rabin2
1American Osteopathic Information Association, United States;  2CECity, Inc, United States


MedEdPORTAL: Peer Reviewing, Publishing, And Disseminating E‑learning

Download presentation (pptx, 3 MB)

Michael Saleh; Robby Reynolds
Association of American Medical Colleges, United States


Organising Open Educational Resources: The Higher Education Academy Subject Centre For Medicine, Dentistry And Veterinary Medicine

Download presentation (ppt, 5.2 MB)

Suzanne Hardy; Megan Quentin-Baxter
Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry & Veterinary Medicine, United Kingdom


Challenges, Restrictions And Opportunities In Licensing Online Educational Material

Maria Nikolaidou1; Stathis Konstantinidis1; Panagiotis D Bamidis1; Eleni Kaldoudi3; Nikolaos Dombros1; Marinos Papadopoulos2; Dionysia Kallinikou2
1Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece;  2National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece;  3Democritus University of Thrace, Greece


Sustainability Of Digital Educational Resources: Virtual Patients

Angela Miller1; Gabrielle Campbell2; Chara Balasubramaniam3; Terry Poulton3; Martin Fischer4
1St George’s, University of London, United Kingdom;  2Association of American Medical Colleges, United States;  3The eViP Programme, The E‑learning Unit, St George's University of London, United Kingdom;  4University Witten-Herdecke, Germany


Implementing Virtual Patients in the Curriculum


Implementation Of Virtual Patients: The First Years

Kalle Romanov; Marja Silenti
Research & Development Unit for Medical Education, Unversity of Helsinki, Finland


The Use Of Virtual Patients To Prepare For Skills Lab Training: Results Of A Pilot Project In Paediatrics

Ronny Lehmann1; Stephan Oberle1; Hans Martin Bosse1; Christoph Nikendei2; Burkhard Tönshoff1; Sören Huwendiek1
1University Childrens Hospital Heidelberg, Germany;  2University Hospital Heidelberg, Department of Internal Medicine, Germany


The Combination Of Virtual Patients And Small Group Discussions To Promote Reflective Practice Of Specialist Trainees

Download presentation (2.3 MB)

Bas de Leng1; Rene van Gent2; Jeroen Donkers1; Jean van Berlo1; Danielle Verstegen1; Frank Hess3; Jorn Heid3
1Maastricht University, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Department of Educational Development and Research, Netherlands;  2Máxima Medical Centre, Department of Paediatrics, Netherlands;  3Heidelberg University, Medical Faculty, Center for Virtual Patients, Germany


Repurposing Linear 'paper' Cases Into Interactive Online Virtual Patients For Problem-based Learning: Comparing The Impact Of VPs On Exam Performance

Terry Poulton; Sheetal Kavia; Chara Balasubramaniam; Trupti Bakrania; Emily Conradi
St George's University of London, United Kingdom


Evaluation Of Different Curricular Integration Scenarios Of Virtual Patients: First Results Using The eViP Evaluation Instruments

Benjamin Hanebeck1; Stephan Oberle1; Ronny Lehmann1; Christian Roggenhofer3; Ralph Nawrotzki4; Georg F Hoffmann2; Burkhard Tönshoff2; Sören Huwendiek1
1Department of General Paediatrics, University Hospital for Adolescent and Paediatric Medicine and Centre for Virtual Patients, Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany;  2Department of General Paediatrics, University Hospital for Adolescent and Paediatric Medicine, Heidelberg, Germany;  3Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany;  4Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Heidelberg, Germany




Parallel Sessions


E‑learning Innovations


Student E‑learning Initiative: Students As Educators And Partners In The Delivery Of Undergraduate Medical Education

Jane Williams; Dominic Alder; Will Duffin
University of Bristol, United Kingdom


Mobile Moodle: A Mobile Extension To The Moodle Virtual Learning Environment

Download presentation (PPTX, 2 MB)

Supriya Krishnan; Narain Ramluchmun; Chara Balasubramaniam; Terry Poulton; Steven Malikowski
St George's, University of London, United Kingdom


Content Collaboration Across Multiple Systems: How The American College Of Cardiology Is Creating A Unified Approach Towards Lifelong Learning

Download presentation

Lynne M. Galiatsatos1; Andrew Rabin2; Gary S. Rae2; David S. Raimist1
1American College of Cardiology, United States;, Inc., United States


Describing Diverse Resources In Medical Education - Using Metadata Within The mEducator Project

Download presentation (ppt, 4 MB)

Luke Woodham1, Evangelia Mitsopoulou1, Chara Balasubramaniam
1St George's University of London, United Kingdom

A Case Study Of Repurposing Medical Educational Material To Three Different Content Types

Eleni Dafli; Panagiotis Bamidis; Costas Pappas; Nikolaos Dombros
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


Virtual Patients: Repurposing and Collaborative Development


Collaborative Development and Maintenance Of Virtual Patients In Clinical Education

Download presentation (1.6 MB)

Norman Berman; Leslie Fall
Institute for Innovative Technology In Medical Education, United States  


To Start From Scratch Or To Repurpose: That Is The Question

Download presentation (1.08 MB)

Andrzej A. Kononowicz; Aleksandra J. Stachon; Monika Guratowska
Jagiellonian University Medical College, Poland


Estimation Of Time And Efforts For Repurposing Virtual Patients - Experiences From The Electronic Virtual Patient Project (eViP)

Download presentation (PPT 448 KB)

Daniela Kempkens; Inga Hege; Bas de Leng; Uno Fors; Sören Huwendiek; Andrzej Kononowicz; Terry Poulton; Martin Fischer
For the eViP consortium: Institute for Teaching and Educational Research in Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Witten/Herdecke University, Germany


Time And Effort Of Repurposing Virtual Patients From Casus To Campus Using The eViP Standard: Automated Vs. Manual Transfer

Download presentation (PPT, 3.4 MB)

Benjamin Hanebeck1; Stephan Oberle1; Jörn Heid2; Frank Hess2; Inga Hege3; Martin Fischer4; Martin Haag2; Sören Huwendiek1
1Department of General Paediatrics, University Hospital for Adolescent and Paediatric Medicine and Centre for Virtual Patients, Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany;  2Centre for Virtual Patients, Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany;  3Ludwig-Maximilians-University München, Germany;  4University Witten-Herdecke, Germany


Factors For Successful Collaborative Creation, Adaptation And Maintenance Of Virtual Patients For Undergraduate Medical Education

Download presentation (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Martin R. Fischer1; Inga Hege2; Katja Radon4; Sören Huwendiek3
1Inst. for Teaching and Educational Research in Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Private University Witten/Herdecke, Germany;  2Medical Education Unit, Medical Faculty, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany;  3Cerntre for Virtual Patients, Medical Faculty, University Heidelberg, Germany;  4Inst. for Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine, Medical Faculty, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany


Virtual Patient Research and Design


Pre-technical Assessment Of Virtual Patient Designs

Janet Tworek1; Rachel Ellaway2
1University of Calgary, Canada;  2Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Canada


Evaluation Of Different Designs Of Virtual Patients: First Results Using The eViP Evaluation Instruments

Stephan Oberle1; Simone Huber1; Ralph Nawrotzki3; Cordula Harter4; Eva Schönit1; Navina Schäfer1; Burkhard Tönshoff2; Sören Huwendiek1
1Center for Virtual Patients, Heidelberg University Hospital, Heidelberg, Germany;  2Center for Child and Adolescent Medicine, Heidelberg University Hospital, Heidelberg, Germany;  3Anatomy and Cellbiology II, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany;  4Biochemistry Center, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany


Assessing Designs For Assessment Virtual Patients - An Evaluation Of Prototype Designs

Jonathan Round1; Emily Conradi1; Sophie Vaughan2; Tristan Bate1; Michael Fitzpatrick3; Tim Green1; Terry Poulton1
1St George's University of London, United Kingdom;  2St Helier Hospital, United Kingdom;  3Homerton University Hospital, United Kingdom


Manual Dexterity Skills Acquired On The Simodont, A Dental Haptic Trainer, Transferrable From Virtual Reality To Reality?

Download presentation (ppt, 4.8 MB)

Dirk Bakker; Pepijn Koopman; Paul Wesselink; Marjoke Vervoorn
Academic Centre of Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), Netherlands


Simulation Of A Virtual Character With Cranial Nerve Injury Augments Physician-learner Concern For Patient Safety

Download presentation (PPT, 3.1 MB)

Juan Carlos Cendan1; Aaron Kotranza1; Shivashankar Halan1; Kyle Johnsen2; Benjamin Lok1
1University of Florida, United States;  2University of Georgia, United States




Closing Plenary Session


Closing and Wrap Up

Download presentation, (PPT, 8.7 MB)

Sean Hilton, MD, St George's University of London, United Kingdom



Rosalyn Scott, MD1; Bas de Leng, Ph.D.2, Rachel Ellaway, Ph.D. 3
1CTSNet, United States; 2Maastricht University, Netherlands; 3Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Canada