Using multi-user virtual environments (MUVE) for health care education

May 19, 2014 10:55am - 12:25pm

Estelle Codier RN,MSN,PhD 
The University of Hawaii, Manoa 

Background: Multi-user virtual environments (MUVE), considered by some to be the ‘next wave’ of educational technology, have been effectively used across a wide range of learners and subjects. This new format for simulation learning may be used both for distance learning and as a supplement to traditional classroom based courses. A meta-analysis published in 2012 reviewed 52 empirical research studies on MUVE learning, only one of which focused on health care education. Nursing educators report positive anecdotal evidence for the effectiveness of MUVE learning, but little nursing research has been done on their use, learning outcomes, or transferability to clinical practice. Goals: The goals of this technology demonstration will be to 1. Demonstrate and describe MUVE learning activities utilized with undergraduate and graduate level nursing students, 2. To describe the findings of the presenter's research study of over 200 MUVE learning activities, including student perceptions, learning outcomes, and instructor feedback, 3. Discussion of both the pedagological and technical aspects of MUVE learning, including its advantages over both traditional educational activities and high fidelity simulation, and 4. Provide specific suggestions for implementation of MUVE learning, particularly for distance education simulation activities. Materials/Technology Required: Projection capability for the small group setting, a computer and internet access.