[Learningobjects] update on IEEE LOM

Valerie Smothers vsmothers at jhmi.edu
Tue Aug 3 14:49:26 UTC 2010

Dear learning objects working group,

Attached is a proposal and synthesis of comments received by the IEEE LOM working group regarding recommended changes to LOM. If you have specific comments for enhancement of the underlying LOM standard, I would recommend participating in or contacting the IEEE committee working to update the standard, or we can respond as a committee with any points for which there is broad consensus.

There is more information on the lom next wiki at: http://ariadne.cs.kuleuven.be/mediawiki2/index.php/LomWhatNext

We can discuss this further on a future call.

Best regards,

Please note my new contact information:

Valerie Smothers
Deputy Director
vsmothers at jhmi.edu

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