[Learningobjects] Agenda for Sep 2 Joint call - MedBiq and mEducator

Valerie Smothers vsmothers at jhmi.edu
Fri Aug 27 14:43:50 UTC 2010

Dear Learning Objects working group and mEducator colleagues,

Attached is a proposed agenda for our next call, a joint call between the MedBiquitous Learning Objects Working group and the mEducator TRG group. There has been much progress related to metadata within the mEducator group, so one purpose of the call is to learn about that progress and to see how Healthcare LOM may benefit from that progress. The agenda is available below and  at: http://groups.medbiq.org/medbiq/display/LO/2010-09-02

There are another of other items brought up on the last MedBiquitous call that we will revisit on our next MedBiquitous call. If you would like to see the minutes of that meeting, they are available on the wiki at: http://groups.medbiq.org/medbiq/display/LO/2010-06-10
Meeting Information

September 2, 2010


9 MDT/11 EDT/16 BST/18 EEST

Call in Number

FINLAND +358-106-33-172
FRANCE +33-1-76-74-24-90
GERMANY +49-69-2222-7806
GREECE +30-80-1-100-0695
ITALY +39-02-3600-6013
NETHERLANDS +31-20-718-8593
SWEDEN +46-8-566-19-394
GLASGOW +44-141-202-3228
LONDON +44-20-3043-2495
MANCHESTER +44-161-601-1428
USA +1-203-418-3123



Please note: the conferencing service will ask you to enter the pound sign. Press # for pound.
To mute, press *6.
Agenda Items

 1.  Welcome and introductions
 2.  Review mEducator conceptual model <http://groups.medbiq.org/medbiq/download/attachments/11567130/meducator_ConceptualModel.doc?version=1&modificationDate=1282917682000> for metadata and its relationship to healthcare lom (where there is overlap, where there are departures<http://groups.medbiq.org/medbiq/display/LO/Departures+from+healthcare+lom>)
 3.  Discuss the mEducator transition to RDF <http://groups.medbiq.org/medbiq/download/attachments/11567130/RDF_graph_sample.jpg?version=1&modificationDate=1282917682000> and the benefits thereof
 4.  Discuss how Healthcare LOM might benefit from this work
 5.  Open discussion

I look forward to speaking with you next week,

Valerie Smothers
Deputy Director
vsmothers at jhmi.edu
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