[Learningobjects] extensibility recommendation

Valerie Smothers vsmothers at jhmi.edu
Thu Nov 17 13:34:12 UTC 2011

Dear working group,

The MedBiquitous Technical Steering Committee has issued a recommendation related to extensibility that would apply to version 2 of the standard.

Recommendation: Working groups should strategically allow extensibility to schema elements, adding extensibility only where they think it is needed.

Added elements must have a namespace qualifier. XtensibleInfo should be maintained in revisions of existing standards to maintain backward compatibility.  Documentation should indicate that XtensibleInfo is included for backward compatibility and is not the preferred method of extension.

This is a technical recommendation. It would be a minor change to the spec, but would allow for greater flexibility in how it is implemented, potentially making the exchange of related data easier. If you have any questions, feel free to post them to this list, or we can discuss on an upcoming call.

Talk to you soon,

Valerie Smothers
Deputy Director
vsmothers at jhmi.edu<mailto:vsmothers at jhmi.edu>
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