[Learningobjects] Upcoming presentations related to the work of MedBiquitous

Valerie Smothers vsmothers at jhmi.edu
Thu Aug 29 18:55:26 UTC 2013

Hi, everyone.

I'm putting together a MedBiquitous newsletter and would like to highlight upcoming presentations that will feature MedBiquitous' work. If you are presenting at an upcoming meeting and part of your presentation is related to MedBiquitous standards development or implementation, please let me know and I will include the title, presenters, date, and time in the newsletter. I only wish I had done the same before AMEE, as I know several of you presented outstanding content there.

Many thanks for your help!


Valerie Smothers
Deputy Director
vsmothers at jhmi.edu<mailto:vsmothers at jhmi.edu>

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