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Thank you Valerie. This is great information. I will share it with 
everyone on the MOCAM team and request feedback.

Many Thanks!


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Hi, everyone.
I contacted David Price, Director of the ABMS Multi-specialty Maintenance 
of Certification Portfolio Program regarding PI CME. He provided the 
following explanation.
PI-CME credit is a construct developed by the AMA, and awarded directly by 
the AMA or through ACCME-accredited providers.  It basically allows for up 
to 20 AMA category 1 CME credits for a project that goes through one (or 
more) PDSA cycle(s).  Many of the efforts in the MOC portfolios can be 
designated for this type of CME credit (not all are, as not all sponsors 
have CME shops -- some of the portfolio work lives in the quality shops, 
not the CME shops, of the various participating institutions.
So, not all MOC portfolio projects (in either the ABMS shop that I run or 
the ABPeds portfolio) carries PICME credit, and not all PICME is approved 
for MOC.
When I look at the AMA PRA booklet, the document that explains the AMA 
credit system, it provides the following explanation of the credit 
designation that all activities offering AMA credit must include:
AMA Credit Designation Statement 
The AMA Credit Designation Statement indicates to physicians that the 
activity has been certified by an accredited CME pro­vider as being in 
compliance with AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ requirements. The AMA Credit 
Designation Statement must be written without paraphrasing and be listed 
separately from accreditation or other statements. 
The following AMA Credit Designation Statement must be included in 
relevant announcement and activity materials (see page 8): 
The [name of accredited CME provider] designates this [learning format] 
for a maximum of [number of credits] AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™. 
Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of 
their participation in the activity. 
The learning format listed in the Credit Designation Statement must be one 
of the following AMA approved learning formats: 
1. Live activity 
2. Enduring material 
3. Journal-based CME activity 
4. Test-item writing activity 
5. Manuscript review activity 
6. PI CME activity 
7. Internet point-of-care activity
So based on that information, it would seem that PI CME would be listed 
under activityOrResourceFormat rather than credit type. We may want to 
modify the definition to accommodate the AMA’s practice of requiring the 
learning format to be listed in the credit designation, but that is 
something we can discuss further.
Jyothi, if you could share this with others at ABP, ABIM, and ABFM, that 
would be terrific. I want to make sure we are talking about the same 
thing. Of course we can discuss further on the next call.
Many thanks!
Valerie Smothers
Deputy Director
vsmothers at jhmi.edu
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