[Learningobjects] Learning registry call

Valerie Smothers vsmothers at jhmi.edu
Wed Feb 5 20:37:36 UTC 2014

February 27 at 9 MST/11 EST/17 CET/18 EET is a winner! So we'll go with that timing.

Please use the call-in information below:

GREECE                                                30-80-1-100-0695
ITALY                     MILAN:                 39-02-3600-6013
ITALY                     ROME:                  39-06-8751-6063
ITALY                     TORINO:              39-011-510-0163
NORWAY                                             47-21-59-00-22
UNITED KINGDOM, MANCHESTER:          44-161-601-1428
USA                                                       1-203-418-3123

Participant Passcode:   1599520

We can use the Johns Hopkins Adobe Connect account if needed: https://connect.johnshopkins.edu/medbiq/

I look forward to speaking with you then!


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Hi, everyone.

We have invited Damon Reagan of the ADL Co-lab to speak with us about the work they are doing in the learning registry. Please indicate your availability for a call where Damon would present their work on this topic.

Click the link below to share your availability via Doodle poll:


We'll see what date and time work best for everyone. Many thanks!


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