The standards development program of the AAMC

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Find out more about the staff and leadership working on the MedBiquitous® Program.

The MedBiquitous® Program develops information technology (IT) standards for health professions education and credentialing. Learn more about the program.

Allows for electronic compilation of Continuing Education (CE) and certificate data across providers for easier tracking of lifelong learning and improvement. 

The MedBiquitous® Program develops technology standards in accordance with our operating procedures. Learn more about our current collection of standards.

Find basic information about data standards, the MedBiquitous® process, and more in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

The MedBiquitous® Program engages in collaborative efforts to drive change for continuous improvements. Learn more about the current initiatives. 

Learn more about the MedBiquitous Standards Public License and Terms of Use.

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Explore guidelines for developing standards to ensure compatibility and for supporting standards implementation relevant to health professions education.