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The Performance Framework is undergoing Public review from August 29, 2014 through October 13, 2014. You may download the Performance Framework specification and schema being reviewed and submit any comments using this form. The Performance Framework specification allows one to represent expected levels of performance related to a competency in a standard format, thereby enabling learner performance data to be portable and easily understood across a learner's career. Watch the Performance Framework overview.

The Curriculum Inventory Corrigenda is undergoing Public review from August 29, 2014 through October 13, 2014. You may download the corrigenda and corrected schema being reviewed and submit any comments using this form. ANSI/MEDBIQ CI.10.1-2013, Curriculum Inventory facilitates the exchange and aggregation of data about health professions curriculum. See the curriculum inventory overview.

MedBiquitous is pleased to announce that Data Commons LLC, a new information-sharing company, will utilize the Healthcare Professional Profile by MedBiquitous as a core component of its technology infrastructure. The Healthcare Professional Profile provides a unifying language for credentials data originating from multiple sources. Data Commons, which provides information about the professional characteristics of physicians, will use the MedBiquitous standard to ensure faster and more accurate updating of information offered through its new system. Read the press release for more information.  


The Association of American Medical Colleges uses MedBiquitous standards. See the full list of implementers.

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