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MedBiquitous has set a goal to better educate the community on the importance of harmonizing standards across industries and acknowledge their impact on health professions education (HPE). The MedBiquitous 2030 initiative envisions a future where community-driven, standards-based solutions, such as a Health Professions Education Curriculum Exchange (HPECE), can support medical and health professions education and credentialing. Despite content and peer-to-peer marketplaces, the idea of an open health sciences curriculum content exchange is novel.

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The mission of this working group is to explore the need for standards relevant to HPECEs by determining ways in which academic, regulatory, and industry partners can collaborate. Working together to develop such standards could promote the development of accessible, interoperable, and scalable HPECEs that support the sharing and exchange of curricular content among diverse HPE institutions and associations.


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HPECE Timeline 

Connection to the MedBiquitous Curriculum Data Exchange Standard

This exploratory phase of the Health Professions Education Curriculum Exchange (HPECE) working group will determine whether additional standards for curriculum need to be developed. The HPECE working group will keep other related MedBiquitous groups, such as the Curriculum Data Exchange working group, informed to ensure curriculum standard alignment.