MedBiquitous has announced the launch of its Educational Achievement standard, designed to unify competency and achievement data to draw a complete and accurate picture, electronically, of how a learner progresses throughout his or her career.

The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education’s web-based portal leverages MedBiquitous standards to support the collection and analysis of continuing medical education data. Today, many accredited organizations are using the system to report delivery of REMS-compliant continuing education activities and Maintenance of Certification activities.

The program for the MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2017 is now available. The conference will feature case studies as well as demonstrations of innovative technologies, workshops, and panel sessions. Charles G. Prober, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education at Stanford School of Medicine, will deliver the keynote address.

Our Curriculum Inventory Working Group is kicking off a new project to integrate our systems and allow for a “real time” exchange of data and resources.  Our goal is to leverage the great tools and content that already exist and maximize the potential they have to work together.


The Association of American Medical Colleges uses MedBiquitous standards. See the full list of implementers.

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