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The Competency Framework specifications and services will likely serve as foundational pieces for other specifications and web services designed by the MedBiquitous Program and will be designed to allow for building a digital ecosystem that can support health professions education and credentialing. There are opportunities to collaborate with the IEEE LTSC (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Learning Technology Standards Committee) to ensure requirements are incorporated into IEEE competency-related standards, as well as leverage useful specifications developed by other organizations. The MedBiquitous® Technical Advisory Group will offer guidance and technical support for approaches to specific data exchange technologies.


Develop data exchange standards and supporting guidelines for competency data that enable educational resources and activities to be tied to a competency framework.  


  • Enables content developers to connect educational activities to a competency framework. 
  • Enables learners to track accomplishments against a list of competencies relevant to their profession and specialty.
  • Enables educators to see how their curriculum fits into a competency framework and better manage their curriculum and its development.
  • Enables the exchange of competency lists among assessment organizations and educating organizations, as well as the incorporation of competency lists into curriculum management systems.


Download the charter (PDF)

Download Standards and Guidelines

MedBiquitous standards and guidelines are freely available under an open license. Use the links below to download the standards and guidelines.