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Become a MedBiquitous participant and allow your voice to influence standards development, create solutions for data and technology challenges, and influence national and international education and credentialing data practices.

Who Should Join as a Participant? 

The MedBiquitous Program welcomes involvement from: 

  • Academic societies (e.g., associations of any health profession or health care specialty). 
  • Training programs (e.g., dental, nursing, osteopathic medicine, veterinary medicine, residency programs dedicated to educating health care professionals). 
  • Regulatory agencies (e.g., licensing boards, certifying boards, accrediting bodies). 
  • Government agencies (e.g., federal, state/province, local levels). 
  • Technology or content developers (e.g., software companies, IT service companies, medical education companies). 
  • Health care companies (e.g., consulting companies, manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and medical devices). 
  • Health care delivery organizations (e.g., health systems, hospitals). 
  • General interest entities (i.e., any materially affected interests not mentioned above). 


Highlights of being a MedBiquitous Program participant include: 

  • Exercising voting privileges to influence standards development projects.  
  • Holding leadership positions in advisory committees and working groups. 
  • Influencing international conversations on education and credentialing data practices. 
  • Creating solutions for your data and technology challenges. 

contact us for a full list of benefits


Participation applications are reviewed by the director of the MedBiquitous program and the Steering Committee, who collectively consider: 

  • Equitable representation across interest categories.  
  • Applicants’ willingness to actively participate with program initiatives. 

How Do I Join?

If you are interested in joining the MedBiquitous Program, please email us at and we will send you the application and answer any questions you may have. 

Once you receive the application, be prepared to do the following: 

  • Page 1: Enter your contact information, statement of interest, and interest category. 
  • Page 2: For nonprofit and for-profit organizations, enter financial information and identify points of contact, a Voting Body representative, and Voting Body alternate. 
    • If you are applying as an individual, supply a brief explanation of why you are not applying through your affiliated organization.

Participation Agreement 

After review by the director of the MedBiquitous Program and the Steering Committee, your application will be placed on the monthly ballot for Voting Body approval. 
Upon Voting Body approval, you will be emailed a participation agreement to sign. Signed and submitted agreements for nonprofits, government agencies, and for-profit organizations will need to include an annual report or statement confirming annual revenue. 

Fees are paid on an annual basis and in U.S. dollars.

Contact if fees present an undue burden that would preclude your participation. 

Participation Type

Participation Fee





Nonstudent (general public)




Health professions education institutions and training programs; and, AAMC members (medical schools and teaching hospitals)


Nonprofit organizations and government agencies


Annual revenue is less than $25 million


Annual revenue is less than $50 million


Annual revenue is less than $200 million


Annual revenue is greater than $200 million


For-profit organizations


Annual revenue is less than $25 million


Annual revenue is less than $50 million


Annual revenue is less than $200 million


Annual revenue is greater than $200 million


Organizations and individuals become formal participants of the MedBiquitous Program once their applications are reviewed by the director of the MedBiquitous Program and the Steering Committee and subsequently approved by the Voting Body. 

Next Steps

While you are waiting for your application to be approved, there are a variety of ways you can participate in community activities: