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Become a MedBiquitous participant and allow your voice to influence standards development, create solutions for data and technology challenges, and influence national and international education and credentialing data practices.

Who Should Join as a Participant? 

The MedBiquitous Program welcomes involvement from: 

  • Academic societies (e.g., associations of any health profession or health care specialty). 
  • Training programs (e.g., dental, nursing, osteopathic medicine, veterinary medicine, residency programs dedicated to educating health care professionals). 
  • Regulatory agencies (e.g., licensing boards, certifying boards, accrediting bodies). 
  • Government agencies (e.g., federal, state/province, local levels). 
  • Technology or content developers (e.g., software companies, IT service companies, medical education companies). 
  • Health care companies (e.g., consulting companies, manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and medical devices). 
  • Health care delivery organizations (e.g., health systems, hospitals). 
  • General interest entities (i.e., any materially affected interests not mentioned above). 


Highlights of being a MedBiquitous Program participant include: 

  • Exercising voting privileges to influence standards development projects.  
  • Holding leadership positions in advisory committees and working groups. 
  • Influencing international conversations on education and credentialing data practices. 
  • Creating solutions for your data and technology challenges. 

How Do I Join?

If you are interested in joining the MedBiquitous Program, please email us at and we will send you the application and answer any questions you may have.