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A working group is created after the successful acceptance of a data standards project with a designation as either an American National Standard or a MedBiquitous® standard.

The director of the MedBiquitous Program, in collaboration with the Technical Advisory Group, create the working group’s charter, which is reviewed by the MedBiquitous Steering Committee. The Technical Advisory Group then provides the working group with all documentation and guidance needed for the standards development project.  


Our current, active working group:  

Working Group Participation  


The director of the MedBiquitous Program appoints the chair(s) and other officers. Working group leadership positions and general seats will be held by representatives of participating organizations and individual participants. Ideally, each organization that proposed the standards development effort should provide at least one working group leadership candidate. The time commitment for a working group chair is two to four hours a month, which includes attending meetings.  


Membership may include the following:  

  • MedBiquitous participants (i.e., individual participants and representatives of participating organizations).  
  • AAMC/MedBiquitous staff.  
  • Invited experts.  
  • Public observers.  

To be recognized as a member of a working group, an individual must affirmatively declare their intention to participate to the working group chair(s). This declaration may be made verbally or via email, and it must be acknowledged by the chair(s). Membership rosters will be maintained in repositories as directed by program staff. The time commitment for a working group member is two to four hours a month, which includes attending meetings.  

Voting Privileges 

A working group member is eligible to vote on their respective working group's measures if they have either:  

  • Verified attendance at two meetings immediately preceding the vote. 
  • Verified attendance at two of four meetings immediately preceding the vote.  

Note: Voting privileges for a working group member are different than the voting privileges of a participating member with a fully executed agreement.  

Working Group Process 

Once a working group's charter is received and reviewed, monthly meetings commence to begin the work. MedBiquitous staff will assist with coordinating and updating calendar invitations to the working group. Working group chairs are responsible for setting agendas, sharing meeting materials, and providing major updates to the director of the MedBiquitous Program.  

Each working group is assigned a virtual community in which to collaborate and communicate, share agendas and meeting resources, track action items, and cast ballots. The virtual communities thus create a consolidated repository for all MedBiquitous working groups.

Once a working group's charge has been met, their recommendations are reviewed by the Technical Advisory Group and then opened up to the MedBiquitous community for a 30-day period of public comment. Public comments are collected and reviewed to determine inclusion in this iteration of the standard. The data standard specification is then placed on a ballot for voting by the working group. 

Once a working group’s charge has been met, the director of the MedBiquitous Program and the working group’s chair(s) determine the scope of the next assigned charge.