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The MedBiquitous® Program develops information technology (IT) standards for health professions education and credentialing.


This technology infrastructure supports the digital transformation of the health professions and enables: 

  • An improved learner experience. 

  • Enhanced patient care. 

  • Simplified administrative work associated with education and quality improvement. 


The MedBiquitous Program establishes a common language, understood by both people and machines, that enables data- and resource-sharing across organizations in health professions education and credentialing. This common language creates an infrastructure that supports education administration, quality improvement, research, and lifelong learning. 


The MedBiquitous Program leads in providing open-access education data standards to the health professions education and credentialing community. By supplying a common language for the discovery, sharing, and dissemination of education data, the MedBiquitous Program empowers the goals of the health professions community and offers a forum for the improvement of its common aims, now and in the future.  


MedBiquitous welcomes participation from all interest categories across the health professions education and credentialing continuum. Learn more about participation benefits, criteria, and how to apply.

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The MedBiquitous Program distributes a monthly electronic newsletter, MedBiquitous Community Connection, to inform its members and the larger community of activities.