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Developing technology standards for health professions

Supporting information technology for education and credentialing globally

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How can MedBiquitous data standards work for you?

MedBiquitous creates a common language, understood by both you and your computer, which enables data and resource-sharing across health professions education and credentialing organizations.

Our Journey Toward 2030 Is Underway 


As the world continues to change and evolve, one thing remains true: For us to collectively achieve our goals, we must work together. This is a core value of the MedBiquitous® community, which is dedicated to the advancement of health professions education and credentialing by developing and curating the resources necessary to realize our digital future. 

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  • Influence national and international education and credentialing data practices. 

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MedBiquitous ThinkTank is a virtual community space for health professions educators and technology innovators to actively engage in the dialogue and consensus-driven process related to developing data standards for health care education, competence assessment, and quality improvement. This is the ideal platform to explore and initiate discussion threads, share ideas and resources, brainstorm solutions, and build your professional networks.  

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