Activity Report

Medscape CEC City

Activity Report Transmission, used with the permission of Ben Greenberg and Leah Wang, Medscape; Annette Gippe and Tarang Shah, American Osteopathic Association; Carl Singer and Andy Rabin, CECity

In an era of rapidly changing medical knowledge, continuing education (CE) and certification activities are essential to ensuring that clinicians maintain their competence and provide safe and effective healthcare. But often these activities are difficult to track and verify, making it difficult to hold clinicians accountable for their lifelong learning and performance improvement.

The Activity Report provides a standard XML format for continuing education certificates and Maintenance of Certification (MoC) activity reports. Using the standard, organizations can digitally track healthcare education and certification activities. By electronically compiling certificate data from CE and MoC providers, organizations – including certifying boards -- can document learning and performance improvement and reduce the administrative burden on clinicians in the process.

The Activity Report 2.0 also helps to track demographic information about those completing Opioid CE activities meeting FDA requirements for Opioid Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS). See the Vocabularies, Definitions, and Implementation Guidelines.

Using standardized digital activity reports has many benefits:

  • Increased accountability for education and certification activities
  • Faster, easier documentation of requirements for certification or licensure
  • Reduced burden on administrative staff and clinicians
  • A full picture of professional accomplishments for planning professional development

The American Osteopathic Association, Medscape, and CECity are using the Activity Report to compile CME data for osteopathic physicians.