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Rosalyn Scott , M.D.
Department of Veteran's Affairs

Tim Willett, M.D.


Paul Bergen
Tufts University

Mary Jo Clark
American Association of Colleges of Nursing

Stephen Clyman
National Board of Medical Examiners

Sascha Cohen 
University of California, San Francisco

Luke Diorio
Association of American Medical Colleges

James Fiore
American Board of Surgery

Ted Hanss
University of Michigan

Erik Hofer 
University of Michigan

Susan Hollar
University of Michigan

Chandler Mayfield
University of California, San Francisco

JB McGee
University of Pittsburgh

Christian Osian

David Price, M.D.
American Board of Family Medicine

Paul Schilling
Schilling Consultants, LLC

Lesley Southgate, M.D. 
St. George's University of London

Radu Vestemean

Nabil Zary
Nanyang Technological University

Invited Experts

S. Toufeeq Ahmed
Vanderbilt University

Susan Albright

Connie Bowe
Partners HealthCare International

Kelly Caverzagie
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Allan Cumming, M.D.
University of Edinburgh

Ian Graham, MBBS
Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists; West/East Wimmera Health Services (Victoria, Australia); SED Clinical Education Practice and Learning

Simon Grant

Linda Gwinn
Georgetown University

Kevin Krane
Tulane University

Steven Lieberman
University of Texas Medical Branch

Linda Lewin
University of Maryland

Melanie Loving
University of Texas Medical Branch

Karen Macauley
University of San Diego Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science 

Chandler Mayfield
University of California, San Francisco

David Melamed 

David Weiner