Healthcare Learning Object Metadata

For organizations that create a lot of learning content and activities, it can be difficult to find the right content when and where it is needed. As a result, learners miss learning opportunities and developers reinvent learning content, increasing the cost of education development.

Healthcare Learning Object Metadata (Healthcare LOM) provides a standard way to describe learning activities and content, making it possible to maximize the value of your content and connect to the broader community of healthcare educators.

Standardizing the description for learning activities makes it easier to:

  • Locate educational resources within or across collections.
  • Share educational resources.
  • Manage curricula.
  • Integrate learning resources into clinical decision support, personal health records,  and portfolios.

In addition, Healthcare LOM serves as a foundation piece for other MedBiquitous specifications. It can be used to describe activities in a digital CE certificate (using Activity report) or in an outcomes evaluations report (using Medical Education Metrics). Healthcare LOM can also be used to tie learning activities to competency frameworks.

Healthcare LOM extends the IEEE Standard for Learning Technology-Extensible Markup Language (XML) Schema Definition Language Binding for Learning Object Metadata 1484.12.3-2005. The extensions provide a vehicle for metadata specific to healthcare education, including support for medical terminologies, continuing education credits, patient and professional resources, and medical images. Healthcare LOM also enables content developers to indicate the health profession and specialty of the target audience as well as location, date, and modality of activities, among other things. Healthcare LOM was developed within the MedBiquitous Learning Object Working Group.

Visit the Healthcare Learning Objects Working Group Page for more information.