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A consistent challenge in health professions education is the lack of aligned tools and resources to support education and credentialing institutions. Adoption of standards and guidelines produced by the MedBiquitous community has occurred only in niche pockets rather than by the health professions education community at large. We want to change that. 

The MedBiquitous Program seeks to better educate its community on the importance of harmonizing standards across industries and acknowledge their impact on health professions education. Rather than acting in silos, individuals and organizations are yearning to join a cohesive and functional ecosystem. Taking a digital ecosystem perspective when looking at health care broadly will increase understanding and adoption of standards to improve efficiencies across all areas of health professions education. 
Keep in step with the MedBiquitous Program as we journey toward the year 2030. As our world continues to evolve, one thing remains true: For us to collectively achieve our goals, we must work together.  
The draft version of the MedBiquitous® 2030: Building the Digital Ecosystem for Health Professions Education white paper was reviewed by the Steering Committee and its subcommittees. Afterward, it was shared with the MedBiquitous community to review and offer feedback during a public comment period. 

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