Press Release Archive

12 August 2010
Accreditation Council for CME Opens Online Program & Activity Reporting System: ACCME’s online database improves efficiency; provides more comprehensive picture of accredited CME, MedBiquitous standards enable easier, consistent data collection

6 April 2010
Transforming Healthcare Learning Virtually: New Standard for Virtual Patients Allows Global Collaboration and Curriculum Transformation

1 February 2010
Look to the Future: Virtual Patients & E-learning in Medical Education

31 August 2009
MedBiquitous Releases American National Standard to Increase Accountability for Lifelong Learning and Continuing Education

7 July 2008
MedBiquitous Releases American National Standard to Improve Professional Credentials Data Exchange

14 May 2008
MedBiquitous Releases American National Standard to Improve Access to Healthcare Education Resources

4 Apr. 2007
REVISED MedBiquitous Healthcare Metadata to be trialled on mirror of UK NHS Radiology Integrated Training Initiative (R-ITI) content on Giunti Labs’ learn eXact LCMS

13 Sep. 2006
Giunti Labs announces MedBiquitous membership and LCMS technology extension with Healthcare LOM Metadata at SMILE 2006

6 Sep. 2006
MedBiquitous Developing Standards for Describing Healthcare Professional Profile and Learning Content

13 Apr. 2006
MedBiquitous Conference to Highlight Use of SCORM in Healthcare

3 Mar. 2005
OHSU and Johns Hopkins University Collaborate to Improve Physicians’ Access to Continuing Education

3 Nov. 2004
MedBiquitous Consortium's MELD to Revitalize Healthcare E-learning

22 Apr. 2004
CareLearningCC Joins MedBiquitous

16 Apr. 2004
Advanced Distributed Learning and MedBiquitous Agree to Collaborate on Healthcare Education Standards

05 Apr. 2004
MedBiquitous Consortium Receives ANSI Accreditation as Standards Developer For Medical Education

18 Dec. 2002
OutStart Joins MedBiquitous Consortium to Define Learning Content Standards for Health Care Industry

20 June 2002
Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, and AstraZeneca Join MedBiquitous Consortium to Support Online Medical Communities

07 May 2002
MedBiquitous Releases Community Software Tailored for Professional Medicine

11 Nov. 2001
MedBiquitous Assembles Key Leaders in Medicine with Addition of National Library of Medicine and the American Medical Association

21 May 2001
Johns Hopkins and Leading Medical Societies Announce Technology Consortium for Education and Collaboration