The standards development program of the AAMC

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MedBiquitous® members consist of organizations and individuals in the health professions education and credentialing community. Find out who is a member.

Find out more about the staff and leadership working on the MedBiquitous® Program.

MedBiquitous community awards highlight and celebrate members who exemplify the spirit of collaboration and committed participation.

Facilitates exchange and aggregation of curriculum data across the continuum of education/training to support research and benchmarking. 

Provides a standard format for profile data on health care professionals, making it easier to exchange and compile data across organizations. 

Enables the exchange of virtual patients across systems for scalable development and implementation across Health Professions Education (HPE) settings. 

Standardizes descriptions of learning activities and content to maximize the value and ease of sharing with other educators. 

MedBiquitous® standards are integral to creating and sustaining the infrastructure that allows education programs and credentialing agencies to share data.

Creation, Approval, and Publishing of an ANS Standard - SOP Flowchart


MedBiquitous® Participation Statement of Interest